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Art Director & Creative Technologist

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You probably want to hire someone who has 10 years of experience doing things the 'right' way, someone who knows your category standards and adheres to them, someone who will tell you what you already expect to be true. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Every specialist, every industry vet, even every so-called 'rockstar' is susceptible to survivalism and will force their expertise into an idea.

But ideas are fragile and great ones will dictate how they are best conveyed. In 2014, advertising is the last thing an advertiser needs to address. Campaigns used to thrive on frequency and market size but now the consumer responds with distaste and cynicism. Engaging tactics targeted at trendsetting communities is the fastest path toward brand differentiation.

From The Savannah College of Art and Design, where I received a BFA in Advertising Design, to my current position as a Creative at iris Worldwide, my direction has always been defined by an aim for a poignant inclusivity. But after moving to New York City in 2009, I saw that broad brand messaging was becoming secondary to content and interaction. I supplemented my foundation in strategy and creative by developing applications for web, social, and mobile. Equipped with a deep understanding of new media techniques, I reach inventive solutions to brand problems, maximize KPIs, and circumvent the obstacles and costs of traditional processes.